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The Straw Hat Pirates are a pirate crew formed by Monkey D. Luffy, whose goal is lớn attain the highest possible bounty which is currently held by Shanks, who has a 200 million berry reward for his capture. The crew travels to lớn many islands và seas in search of adventure & treasure. Most of the members are from East Blue, but they have also sailed through West Blue & North Blue. Each crew member is a specialist in his/her field, whether it be navigation, fighting, cooking or carpentry. The crew"s captain is Monkey D. Luffy & their shipwright is Silvers Rayleigh. Their first mate is Roronoa Zoro and their navigator is Nami.

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Luffy: The main character of the series, he grows up in the East xanh with his grandfather & later sets out on a journey khổng lồ become King of the Pirates. He has eaten the Gum-Gum Fruit (which gives him stretchy limbs) và the Devil Fruit Gomu Gomu no ngươi (which turns his body into rubber). Luffy is currently searching for the One Piece treasure to become king of the pirates.

Zoro: A master swordsman and first mate of the Straw Hat Pirates, he was previously an apprentice of Roronoa Zoro"s father, Yasopp before being adopted by Dr. Hiruluk who died after saving him from drowning during his childhood. He joins Luffy"s crew in order to lớn pay off his debt to lớn Dr. Hiruluk who saved his life many times before dying saving Zoro from drowning during their childhood. He becomes one of Luffy"s right hand men throughout their adventures together.

Nami: A thành viên of the Straw Hat Pirates và navigator of the team"s ship Going Merry, she was once an infamous thief who traveled around with her partner Usopp until they met up with Luffy at Loguetown where they were caught

Usopp: A sniper who was originally part of Captain Kuro"s pirate crew, but left after being falsely accused by Kuro as a spy for Marines. He joins Luffy"s crew after Luffy saves him from execution at Loguetown. Usopp also has a bounty of 30 million berries for attacking pirates throughout East blue with his slingshot

Gol D. RogerPortgas D. AceRoronoa ZoroSanji VinsmokeTony Tony Chopper (Tontatta)BrookFranky (Cyborg)


Enemies in ONE PIECE THOUSAND STORM are divided into four types: Bosses, Sub-bosses, Regular enemies and event enemies.

Bosses: Bosses can be fought during the story mode or in other modes lượt thích Survival Mode. They have a high health pool, but are also slow & predictable in their movements. Their attacks bởi a lot of damage và they are usually able khổng lồ inflict status effects on you.

Sub-bosses: Sub-bosses can only be fought during the story mode & they usually have a lower health pool than bosses, but they are faster & more unpredictable in their movements. Their attacks bởi less damage than those of regular bosses, but they still inflict status effects on you as well as having chất lượng movesets that make them challenging lớn fight against (like when fighting Kaidou).

Regular Enemies: Regular Enemies have an average health pool và can be found anywhere in the game world (except for certain areas where no enemies will spawn). They don"t inflict status effects on you & their attacks don"t khuyến mãi much damage either, so they are quite easy khổng lồ defeat without much trouble! However, there are some types of regular enemies that can be dangerous if.


One Piece Thousand Storm is a popular fighting game developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. The game features different characters from the One Piece anime series. The gameplay is easy to learn, but hard lớn master. The trò chơi has received positive reviews from critics and users alike.The story mode lets you play as various characters và take on villains like Blackbeard, Bartolomeo or Trafalgar Law among others. You can also vì missions & explore the world of One Piece while interacting with other characters such as Nami, Usopp or Zoro.The game play features simple controls that are easy to lớn learn even if you"re not familiar with fighting games:The gameplay is similar to other fighting games lượt thích Dragon Ball FighterZ or Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, where players control one character at a time & fight against other characters controlled by AI or by other players online or locally.


This trò chơi is a very interesting puzzle. You can play it on your phone và also on your computer. The cấp độ of the game is not high, but it can be addictive for you. If you are interested in this game, you should know that this game is about pirates và their adventures. In this case, you will see many characters from one piece such as Luffy, Zoro & others who are trying lớn find treasures from the island named Alabasta. There are many other characters in this trò chơi too that you can meet when playing the trò chơi for a long time.ONE PIECE THOUSAND STORM is a không lấy phí to play game and the best part is that it"s not only không tính tiền but also has no in-app purchases. The game is available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone và PC. You can play the trò chơi for không tính tiền on your smartphone phone as well as desktop with ease.

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The highest score that the player can achieve in ONE PIECE THOUSAND STORM is 999,999. This is the maximum score that can be achieved through normal gameplay.ONE PIECE THOUSAND STORM is a very popular game among players, so we will nói qua some tips on how to get the high score.

1: Choose a character with high attack nguồn such as Luffy or Zoro.

2: Keep attacking your enemies while they are down on their knees.

3: Use special attacks as much as possible (slash the button rapidly or repeatedly).

4: Use skills & special skills when you need them to lớn defeat your enemies faster or save your health bar from being depleted completely.


1: Unlimited Money

2: Unlimited Coins

3: Unlimited Energy

4: God Mode (Invincible)

5: Ads Removed

How to tải về and install:

Step 1: Download the game using your favorite browser & tap on the file to begin installing.

Step 2:  Accept và Install the .apk file of ONE PIECE THOUSAND STORM, by following the instructions shown on your screen.

Step 3: When done, go to your tiện ích drawer & locate the installed ONE PIECE THOUSAND STORM game folder icon.

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I"m sure you"re wondering what happened to lớn the Straw Hat Pirates after this. Well, they stayed in Fishman Island for a few days & then decided khổng lồ start their journey again. They left Fishman Island with a new crew member, Brook, who was rescued by Luffy from a prison island và turned into a zombie thanks khổng lồ the nguồn of Poseidon"s shell. The Straw Hat Pirates then headed for Wano Country where the rest of this story takes place.ONE PIECE THOUSAND STORM is a fighting game released on the Playstation 4. The game was developed by Bandai Namco and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is based on the manga/anime series "One Piece".The Straw Hats" ship landed on the beach where Luffy và Ace had been fighting moments before and Chopper ran down to lớn help Jinbei. The others stayed behind, determined to help their friends as best they could.


Q. Q: What"s the difference between different weapons?

A: Each weapon has its own characteristics, such as attack power and speed. Choose a suitable weapon for yourself according khổng lồ your needs!Q. Q: Is there any PVP mode in this game?A: Yes, we have added a PVP mode so that players can challenge each other in real time.Q. Q: What are the controls?A: Tap on the screen khổng lồ jump from platform khổng lồ platform, avoid obstacles và fight against enemies. It"s easy!