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Plants vs. Zombies was one of the hotchạy thử games when it initially came out. The gameplay is fascinating and unique, making it an all-time classic for video clip games. No matter how long the years have gone by, people still play PvsZ. Now, Plants vs. Zombies is more exciting with its second installment: Plants vs Zombies 2!


Don’t miss out on another exciting zombie game with Pants vs Zombies 2 for PC. Popcap Games is here lớn provide you with a fantastic gaming experience! Download now for an incredible gaming experience on your PC.

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Everyone’s Favorite Zombie Game

Plants vs Zombies 2 a strategy game with the elements of tower defense. It lets you defeat countless waves of hilarious zombies wanting to lớn eat your brains! It’s an action-strategy game that will demo your skills lớn organize the plants lớn kill those brain-eating machines effectively. You can use a superfood to level up your plants và defeat those zombies instantly. Meet hundreds of new plants that will aid you in your mission.

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Enjoy this thiết bị di động game–Plants vs Zombies 2 on pc– for free! No more looking at the small screen of your mobile phone. Efficiently create the perfect strategy on a bigger screen with better resolutions.

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You need to lớn put plants on your lawn khổng lồ fight off those waves of zombies. Make sure khổng lồ collect as many suns as possible khổng lồ get those plants. Collect hundreds of plants – from the original ones to lớn the newest! Use plant food khổng lồ grow potent plants that can instantly make your lawn zombie-không tính tiền.

PVZ 2 brings you another game mode, where you compete with other players in the arena. Show them your planting skills and get the highest score in unique levels. Lastly, journey through space and time & play over 300 levels of zombie-killing adventure. There are also mini-games you will get to enjoy!

Plants vs Zombies 2 Game Features

Collect Hundreds of Plants & Meet New ZombiesGrow Potent PlantsCompete Against Other Players in the ArenaEnjoy Over 300 Levels & Minigames

We still have sầu more action-packed và fun điện thoại games you can play on PC. Try out cool titles lượt thích Grow Castle or Plants vs Zombies Heroes! You can emulate them all through our Then remove sầu the hassles of unresponsive touch controls, & switch to keyboard và mouse! Download it now for a fully immersive sầu PC gaming experience! All these titles can be yours for free!