Poketháng Black and White Game download is developed by the trò chơi Freak and Published by The Poketháng Company. You can get the Pokemon Blaông chồng & White tải về full 100% Working tải về liên kết at the over of this review. Black and White version has a fantastic linear story, following different events và missions included in the game. The main player tries khổng lồ become a Master Pokemon, for this he/she try khổng lồ accomplish all the tasks in the game. The Pokedex of the Pokemon Blaông chồng và White Game Download is update now having about 156 new Poketháng & Franchises.

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Poketháng Black và White Walkthrough and Gameplay:

As playing the role of young Boy/Girl, the main focus you have to lớn vì is khổng lồ become the Master Poketháng. It’s one of the best role-playing single player game. You can navigate between the battle screen and the menu screen as well. The whole story is based in Unova region where the young character is trying to become a successful person in the society.

Rethành viên that Unova region is one of the amazing attractive regions. Having all the Tall buildings và a Bridge is present in the region. As the game begins it will ask you to enter a specific character to lớn play the game. You can choose a Boy or girl, whatever your heart says to lớn you. Then after this interval, you as a Teenager will have sầu lớn select one of the starter pokemon from Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott.

Professor Juniper is the main character in the game, as he will guide you in all of your journies. You have to keep in mind that the cheren & Bianca are the two characters và teams that will always battle with you in any conditions. They will fight with you and they are also against each other.

Main Goal of the Player:

As a teenager in the area of Unova, your main goal is to lớn collect about 8 Gyms badges in the game. For collecting them you have sầu lớn meet with all the Gym leaders in the area. Some of the Gym leaders are nice personalities. Remember that after collecting all the Gym badges that you require, you have khổng lồ enter the Poketháng league as well. You will be consider as champion if you are able to lớn win the Pokemon league in any case. The main player will be champion if he/she wins the Pokemon League.

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Team Plasma and Other Team’s Encounters:

One of the interesting facts of the Poketháng Black và White trò chơi download is that the Team Plasma is present in the game. They are own by the N player. You will have lớn encounter the team plasma and other teams that are challenging you in your way. Always remember that you will have khổng lồ encounter different team players in the league as well.

About Battle & Graphics:

The battle system in the Poketháng Blaông chồng và White ROM Game is updated with several new features. Now there are different teams present which are against you và want to lớn battle with you. Using the different tactics you will be able khổng lồ play the game battles easily và your HP (Hit points ) will be increase this way.

Also, the Graphics of the game are now updated from the previous versions of Poketháng Diatháng and Pearl rom. Some menu systems are updated, now the main player dialogues boxes shapes are new. They are in the Speech Balloons.

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Some Amazing Features of Pokemon Blaông chồng và White Game Download :

Graphics are new.The thực đơn systems are new and attractive.Speech Balloons instead of dialogues boxes.Professor Juniper.Sprites are fully animated.About 156 new Poketháng.Triple Battles và rotation battles.Capture some new Poketháng.Two main screens.Unova region is present.

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