God of War 3 PC trò chơi Download Free Full Version

God of War 3 PC trò chơi Download Free Full Version. God of war 3 PC Game has been developed, We have managed khổng lồ make this popular game playable at PC Download now and read the instructions carefully before installing it.

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God of War 3 PC trò chơi Download Free Full Version

Sony Computer Entertainment always publishes the best of best, & the God of War series is not an exception. This all-time favorite series based on the action-adventure genre about combat. God of War 3 is a popular installment that was available for PS3 exclusively. Gamers still love sầu the high-kết thúc graphics of this game, where the visuals are a lot more gripping than any game in today’s time.

From using swords lớn special powers, killing all the enemies on deông xã by pressing R2 is a fun thing. It’s been a decade since the release date, và the popularity is still ahy vọng the young age people. Many new installments came out for PS4 và PS4 Pro in this decade, và Sony Computer Entertainment is also bringing the lakiểm tra installments on the upcoming PS5. It is going to lớn be a fun thing for sure.

Even though you still remember the storyline of this game or not, there are so many things that you may have missed in those days. This nostalgic guide is here to let you know about the storyline, which connects with the previous versions. Let’s jump inkhổng lồ the storyline & what happened throughout all the missions.

The storyline of God of War 3

When the first God of War came out in 2005, it starts with Kratos (the main character) living a happy life with his wife & a child. There was no such problem & a fresh lease on life, but the game creates an array of problems to lớn khuyễn mãi giảm giá with, và Kratos has khổng lồ come into lớn battle.

Kratos starts his journey as a captain in the Spartung army, and he is shown such a powerful creature that he always led his people lớn win. Each time he wins until the day he đơn hàng with Barbarian king. This time, Kratos gets a short curved sword, which is a sign of bondage to Ares. This is the first point where every change in his life.

God of war II ends at the predecessor, và the third part starts from the same part. Kratos and his titans come between khổng lồ stop Olympus, Poseidon, the god of the sea, & others. At this point, Kratos kills hlặng. Now, Zeus steps inlớn it, & he casts the invader off, & Gaia shows her real colors where she doesn’t help Kratos & let hyên fall. The fun part begins here because she calls Kratos a pawn in the Titans scheme.

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Then How Kratos Come Back

When Zeus casts invader and Kratos is gone, a fresh start occurs for revenge. He finds himself weaponless, & now he is trapped in the underworld. Spirits of Athemãng cầu come to lớn guide hlặng, & now she realizes that she was wrong about trusting Zeus. She always thinks that Zeus is trying to lớn save humanity, and Kratos help him.

She guides Kratos here by telling that the only way of winning again others is snuffing out the flame of Olympus. This mystery fire is getting the power from Pandora’s Box. This journey across the underworld is all about recovering what he lost in the whole journey of trusting Zeus. Even Kratos get his god-killing blade of Olympus & start looking after slaying hades. This rampage turns out murderous.

This time, it is a war because Kratos is fighting against Hephaestus, Perseus, Hercules, Helgame ios, Hermes, Cronos, & Hera. All jump into lớn the battle against Kratos. Many battles happen, & after all of them, Kratos reaches the Flame of Olympus with Pandora. Zeus has the only chance lớn stop them, & he tries, but it is already late, and there is no way to stop Kratos from stuffing the flame.

Pandora sacrifices herself lớn light up the flame & protects the whole world on the name of humanity. This final showdown is all about a three-way battle now, which is against Zeus and Kratos. It starts from Trading Blows, whereas the injured Gaia reappears. This time, she tries to lớn kill both of them, và Kratos has no option except khổng lồ kill Titung first và to go after others.

This battle continues, &, in the over, Athena retrieves the blade to leave sầu Kratos khổng lồ die. This isn’t going to lớn happen, of course, but there is a post-credit scene that suggests much more than that. Then the rest of the story continues in the next version of the game, & the story starts from the retrieval of the blade.

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Download GOD OF War 3 Free For PC

Download now the God Of War 3 for không tính phí by clicking the button below, don’t forget khổng lồ read the PC requirements before installing the game & steps to tải về.

God Of War 3 – Minimum System Requirement
Step 1: Cliông xã On Download Button, You will be redirected lớn another pageStep 2: Cliông chồng On Download God Of War 3 PCStep 3: You Will Get A Free Installer Officially Created From TN3Gallery.comStep 4: Install that exe pháo tệp tin và you would ready to install game files on PCStep 5: You need a svào internet connection, Accepts Terms và Conditions, và select which thư mục you want to lớn install God Of War 3 pc game for freeStep 6: The process can take some time as our server are most of the time busy be patience and wait for your tải về to lớn completeStep 7: Complete Installation & Enjoy God Of War 3 PC For free