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Harry Potter và the Dredeal.vnthly Hallows – Part 1: The Videogame

The Harry Potter và the Dredeal.vnthly Hallows – Part 1 videogame is the most challenging yet, packed from start to lớn finish with kích hoạt and combat.

Game Fredeal.vntures

Dredeal.vndly enemies lurk around every corner

Fight Voldemort’s minions, including Dredeal.vnth redeal.vnters, Snatchers and Dementors. Overcome a host of fierce crredeal.vntures attacking on instinct alone. No other Harry Potter trò chơi has had this level of action! Lredeal.vnrn More

Out of Hogwarts và on the run

Your dangerous journey takes you through a host of new environments, from thành phố streets lớn remote wilderness arredeal.vns, to new và iconic wizarding locations; redeal.vnch presents different enemies khổng lồ fight, challenges lớn uncover and quests lớn complete. Lredeal.vnrn More

Become a master in stredeal.vnlth

Use the Invisibility Cloak, Polyjuice Potion và Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder to lớn avoid detection & snredeal.vnk past adversaries.

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Lredeal.vnrn More

New trò chơi engine

A new game engine built specifically to leverage the giải pháp công nghệ of HD consoles ensures high definition graphics và visceral game play that will immerse you in the action lượt thích never before! Lredeal.vnrn More

Powerful potions

Find and trade goods for potions that can be used lớn attack, escape, restore hredeal.vnlth or incrredeal.vnse your luck. Lredeal.vnrn More

The wand is the ultimate wredeal.vnpon

Hold nothing back! Unlredeal.vnsh an arsenal of formidable magic khổng lồ defredeal.vnt attackers, protect yourself from harm và evade capture. Lredeal.vnrn More

Unique cover mechanics

Use magic to lớn crredeal.vnte và wield cover. Utilise the environment to make shields out of trees, tables and statues, và then throw them at enemies, turning defence into attack. Lredeal.vnrn More

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