Hướng dẫn auto click trên nox


The auto-click feature will be recorded as a NoxPlayer record, you can customize the click time, number of clicks, repeat ... To suit all applications.

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Nox Player has many features that users can use, not only to lớn install and use the game android application on a computer, for example, to mở cửa multiple emulator windows at the same time on the Nox Player. Set up virtual keyboard khổng lồ play mobile games on computer with NoxPlayer .

There is a feature that saves time and effort for NoxPlayer users, which is an kích hoạt record feature on this emulator, called Macro Recorder. This feature only appears on the NoxPlayer version V6.0.3.0 or higher & if not known, users can confuse it as a feature of recording the NoxPlayer emulator screen.

Marcro Recorder supports users to lớn record their actions when on NoxPlayer, specifically click action, you can use this feature for applications that require multiple clicks in a certain location. There. For easy visualization, QuanTang will guide you khổng lồ use this feature on NoxPlayer offline.

Download NoxPlayer emulator for Windowshttps://vn.bignox.com/vn/download/fullPackageDownload NoxPlayer emulator for macOShttps://vn.bignox.com/vn/download/fullPackage/mac_fullzip

Instructions for using tự động hóa Click feature on NoxPlayer emulator

Step 1: Start NoxPlayer và select the Macro Recorder icon on the emulator toolbar, or press the shortcut key combination Ctrl + 9.


Step 2: In the Macro Recorder menu, you will have 3 function keys lớn perform và save the action, F1 is Start / Continue recording your action, F3 is paused và F2 is saved. Just do.


Step 3: At the top, next lớn the Recording text is the icon that shows the status of the record, the middle is the start, the left side is pause và the right is stopped.


Step 4: Once your record is complete, you can change the record name khổng lồ remember which application the action is for. Click on the edit icon name & write the nội dung of the record next.


Step 5: Next is the advanced installation, click on the installation icon of the log to open the advanced settings menu.


In this thực đơn will include advanced settings, we will have in turn:


Option 1: Loop the number of times, the number you wrote in the number box will be the number of times the record is made, it will stop when the number of items you have written in the middle space is completed. For example, if you click 10 times và record in that record, you write the number 4 in the number box and run the record then the click will be 40 times.

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Option 2: Here record the Loop until stop button is pressed, meaning that when you click on the NoxPlayer screen, the record"s action will stop.

Option 3: You can set the record execution time, it will automatically stop when the timer runs out.

Loop 2:

This second option will phối the pause time of the records, for example, write the number 10 in the middle (Interval 10 sec) box. Equivalent khổng lồ 5 seconds of pause between repetitions of the logs.


This is a time lớn fast forward the action of the recording, the faster you choose the Acceleration number, the faster the speed of the recording.


Will restart emulator in minutes: phối the time before the simulation reboot, here is 60 minutes before NoxPlayer restarts.

Auto-start when the emulator startup: This option will automatically run the kích hoạt log when the NoxPlayer boots up.


Step 6: Once you"re done installing the log, click Export lớn save the record, select the record in the Select scripts to export table & click OK.


Write down the record name in the tệp tin name section & click Save, the log file will be saved with 7z format. You can upload the log file to Google Drive lớn save and download it when transferring lớn another device. Lớn import the record into NoxPlayer, click Import lớn load the record và use it normally.

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With the tự động hóa click guide on NoxPlayer above, you save time in applications that require continuous clicking. Save time and effort when you don"t have to lớn click on your hands on NoxPlayer anymore.