Like Mother, Like Son


Japan have proven it once again that they has the most bizarre trò chơi shows in the world. The new weird game show is called “Close Up of Sleepy Faces” which involves two guys acting as mother and brother, waking up pretty Japanese girls whom are pretending khổng lồ be asleep.

crazy game

The goal is khổng lồ find the “cutest face” using the cuteness meter while waking them up. If the gorgeous ladies failed to vì so, they will get creampied. 

crazy games in japan

But they must wake up with a “kawaii” impression… If not, they’ll get creampied literally!

new trò chơi in japan

However, waking up with a xinh đẹp face won’t be that easy as “mama” & “brother” will vày different ways to distract the ladies. And that includes ripping off their shirts, humping them, & popping up water balloons on their faces.

crazy trò chơi show

Watch the hilarious video:

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