Law & Kid have come a long way throughout the Wano Country Arc. But are they actually on Luffy"s level?


One Piece 1053 was a monumental chapter. It marked the culmination of an epic war, that featured some of the biggest names in the One Piece world. The war involved two of the Yonko, members of the Worst Generation, và various other strong characters. With the war coming khổng lồ an end, Luffy và the rest of the alliance can finally sit back for a while & bask in the glory.

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The success of their alliance was down to the efforts of multiple characters, and three characters, in particular, stand out the most. These are— Monkey D. Luffy, Trafalgar Law, & Eustass Kid. The three of them are members of the Worst Generation & captains of their respective crews. For the most part of the story, Luffy has been deemed superior to lớn both of them in terms of strength, but after their feats in the Wano Country arc, all three have the same bounties. So, does this mean that all three of them are equal?

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Law and Luffy


Law và Luffy have been sailing together for a while now. Law formed an alliance with Luffy all the way back at Punk Hazard. His plan was khổng lồ take down Doflamingo for what he did lớn Corazon, but he masked his true intentions by saying that he wanted to lớn take down Kaido. At Punk Hazard, Luffy took down Caesar, while Law defeated Vergo. Then the two headed to the island of Dressrosa, where they were confronted by the malevolent Donquixote Doflamingo.

Law managed lớn put up a decent fight against Doflamingo, but eventually, he was beaten badly by the King of Dressrosa. On the other hand, Luffy barely struggled against Doflamingo, in fact, the latter was lucky that Luffy's Gear Fourth ran out before he was able khổng lồ land the decisive blow. So, there's no doubt that Luffy shone the brightest at Dressrosa. Then Luffy và Law had to lớn split up at Zou as Luffy wanted to get Sanji back, so Law was not involved in the Whole Cake Island arc. In the Whole Cake Island arc, Luffy was able khổng lồ ruin Katakuri's immaculate record. It took Luffy some time to lớn get going, but he managed to lớn defeat the Sweet Commander.


Eustass Kid and Luffy have been portrayed as rivals, but before the Wano Country arc, Kid had done absolutely nothing to warrant a comparison. He tried lớn fight Shanks & lost his arm. Kid also injured a Sweet Commander, which is not as big of a feat as Luffy beating two of them when he invaded Big Mom's territory.

Kid was also crushed by Kaido và made a prisoner. Luffy and Kid bởi vì have one thing in common và that is their dream. Both of them are very serious about their dream of becoming the Pirate King. Luffy cannot stand anyone trying to lớn play down his dream. He is ready to lớn fight everyone who stands between him & his dream. Likewise, Kid shows no mercy lớn anyone who dares lớn make fun of his goal.

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Originally Law, Luffy, Kid, Killer, và Zoro faced both Big Mom and Kaido, but with time, it became clear that they could not defeat them if they were together. So, the Supernovas decided khổng lồ separate Big Mom và Kaido, & they were successful in their attempt. Kaido overwhelmed Law, và Zoro without any problems. Only Luffy was able khổng lồ cause any significant damage khổng lồ Kaido. So, Luffy asked Law to take Zoro và move lớn a safer location. Luffy didn't have the easiest of times while fighting Kaido either.

He needed Yamato và Momonosuke help và they bought him time to lớn regain his strength. After recovering, the fight between Luffy & Kaido was more even, and at one point, it seemed that Luffy would manage to lớn pull off the unthinkable and defeat Kaido. Unfortunately, the intervention of CP0 enabled Kaido to land a crucial hit on Luffy. The Yonko was not thrilled with his victory, because it was unfair. However, this incident caused Luffy khổng lồ awaken his devil fruit, which eventually helped him to take down Kaido.

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Law và Kid were fighting Big Mom, & as expected she was giving them a torrid time. The two supernovas had lớn use their devil fruit awakening khổng lồ damage her. Law's devil fruit awakening was the main reason for Big Mom's defeat. His devil fruit is very overpowered and once again it came up clutch in the fight against Big Mom. With his awakening, he prevented Big Mom's voice from reaching her homies, & eventually, he pummeled her to lớn the ground with his Puncture Wille attack.



All three Supernovas had lớn toil khổng lồ win their respective fights, but what separates Luffy from the other two is that he was fighting Kaido 1v1. Granted, he was helped by Yamato và Momonosuke, but it was only for a small period. For the majority of his fight, Luffy was fighting Kaido by himself.

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On the other hand, Law & Kid had to lớn team up to lớn defeat Big Mom. It is clear as day that if either Law or Kid tried lớn fight Big Mom in a 1v1, they would have been obliterated. So, the bounties that all three of them have received do not reflect their individual strength. As things stand, Luffy is unquestionably stronger than Law và Kid.