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Try Rarity’s Dress Up game and help fight evil with the power of fashion! The evil & dangerous Boss, Discord, has taken over Equestria. Unfortunately, he used his dark magic to lớn steal all the color from Equestria! Can you imagine this magical l& in blachồng & gray? However, there's some great news! You can help the Mane Six restore the wonders và joy of their homelvà. All you need to vì is give sầu the fashionable Rarity a h& in the dressing room!

Design fashionable outfits for all the members of the fabulous pony group. You even get to lớn walk in Rarity's fabulous closet and use her provocative clothing! After all, you cannot fight the mighty power of darkness in an unflattering outfit!

The first thing you need khổng lồ vày is decide which of the lovely members of the Mane Six will receive sầu a makeover. Use the left và right arrows on the pony selector khổng lồ switch to lớn a different character. Do you love the timid và lovely Fluttershy or the endlessly energetic Pinkie Pie? Maybe you prefer the daring và brave Rainbow Dash or the funny & practical Applejaông chồng. Either way, now you have the chance to be the personal designer of your favorite pony in order lớn defeat evil!

Put together the perfect outfit!

You have sầu three different categories that you can choose from.

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Together, they will khung a fabulous outfit for your pony hero!

The first section features interesting hats that you can incorporate into lớn your final look. Clichồng on the one you prefer to lớn see how it fits your pony. The range of styles is wide! You can go for a sparkly princess crown or a bedazzled hat if you prefer a more girly vibe. However, you can also go for an elegant top hat, an oriental thiết kế, or even a police cap!

Next, it's time lớn choose a top that fits your artistic vision. You have six different options, each one of them unique in their own right, For example, you can choose a funky coat with a bright pattern or a suave sầu angelic blouse. There's even a safety vest if you are feeling extra creative!

Now, it's time for the fun part! Of course, I am talking about shoes! All ponies appreciate a glamorous, yet practical piece of hoof wear. Do you think a bedazzled pair of cowboy boots will complete your outfit? Or perhaps some rainbow footwear will add the extra touch of color that your look needs! Whichever you choose, make sure it's stylish & reflects your pony's personality!

Are you finally done? Cliông xã the kiểm tra button to lớn bring bachồng the color khổng lồ Equestria with the power of fashion! You even receive a fun printable image for you lớn color. Helping your friends has never been so much fun! Thanks khổng lồ Rarity & her glamorous wardrobe, you can now defeat evil in style!

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