How To Fix Searching For Dota 2 Game Coordinator Error

Are you struggling to find a match? This guide details what causes the Dota 2 Game Coordinator error and how to solve it.

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How To Fix Dota 2 Searching For Game Coordinator - Are Servers Down?

Dota 2 is an immensely popular (and addictive) MOBA game from Valve with a massive audience of loyal players and fans. While often characterized by its "love-hate" relationship, queueing up for a game of Dota 2 is usually a highlight for many players.However, matchmaking might not always be possible because the Dota 2 servers are down or the Game Coordinator service is not responding. Unfortunately, this issue is not uncommon, either.

But don"t worry because this guide explains everything you can do to fix the dreaded "Searching For Game Coordinator" error in Dota 2. We"ve briefly described what causes this issue and a few practical solutions.

How to fix Searching For Game Coordinator in Dota 2

Players often get frustrated when they get the "Searching For Game Coordinator" error in Dota 2. The most common cause of the issue is related to the game"s servers being down because of a Dota 2 patch update or hotfix being rolled out.

how to solve dota 2 game coordinator errorAn incoming patch update is often the cause of the Dota 2 Game Coordinator error. (Picture: Valve)

In this regard, the first thing to check before proceeding is if the Dota 2 servers are down. You can do this by navigating to the Steam Status page; SteamDB has an unofficial tracker, which you can also use to monitor many other Steam server statuses.

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how to fix the dota 2 game coordinator errorCheck with friends to see if the Searching For Game Coordinator Dota 2 error is also affecting them. (Picture: Valve)

Try restarting Dota 2 (or, better yet, restart Steam entirely). You might also want to try restarting your router or PC. Some other sites suggest tinkering with DNS and Firewall settings, but we would not recommend this, especially if the Dota 2 Game Coordinator was working fine in the past.If you"re still getting an issue, try opening a bot lobby or training tutorial -- this method has personally worked for me in the past. However, if past experiences have proven useful, the best way to fix the Searching For Game Coordinator error in Dota 2 is simply by waiting.And that"s all. For more content, check out our section dedicated to Dota 2 esports, news, guides, and more.

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