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Shadow Fight 3
Menu, Freeze The Enemy
111.1 MB
Android 4.1+
August 7, 2021 (4 weeks ago )

Menu Freezes enemiesNote: To freeze the enemy: when the enemy will jump, you hit và will freeze the enemy. If the enemy jumps and you also jump to hit then you will also be frozen!

Shadow Fight 3 next version was released with many notable changes for all gamers. The gameplay plot is a bit flourishing as well as the content becomes a little more impressive sầu in a modern style. Now the players who were too familiar with the warrior were a shadow. You will definitely have sầu khổng lồ be surprised with what SF3 owns. All designs have sầu been changed, the characters have sầu become real warriors, not familiar shadows. The opening Shadow Fight 3 Mod will be a bit of a tutorial game, not using weapons but fighting enemies. The purpose of getting acquainted will then open up for you a very special shadow fight world. Still going on professional fighting levels, use your creative skills to hit, punch, kichồng và defeat the enemies in front of you.

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Download Shadow Fight 3 Mod – Fighting martial arts of mighty warriors

Download Shadow Fight 3 Mod – Fighting martial arts of mighty warriors

Developed by Nekki, a successful continuation of the 2nd version before. The content of Shadow Fight 3 is new with a series of interesting activities such as quests, equipment, training, và fighting. Sorted into the action role-playing action RPG style combat, providing players with the most dramatic, dramatic gameplay. The uncompromising battle between you and your enemies requires a hardened heart. One is khổng lồ destroy the enemy or be destroyed. Continuously improve sầu yourself, learn new skills to become an invincible powerful warrior. Move sầu forward through the game screen, through every door, face off against brutal enemies. Do not step baông chồng to become a brave sầu warrior, complete the goal of protecting the world of the main character. A new experience on the platform of 3 chiều graphics technology throws players into lớn realistic gameplay.

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chơi Game – Gameplay

With a dramatic action role-playing game. With the first perspective, the player can easily observe sầu the enemy’s actions to lớn come up with the best methods to attack & defeat the enemy. The enemy consisted of 3 factions of Than Binc Hoi, court, and messenger. Each faction will have sầu different strengths và weaknesses và you need khổng lồ understvà the above factors lớn be able khổng lồ counter the enemy in battle. Using weapons will help you with additional excellent skills, support high enemy damage. Many game levels with levels from easy khổng lồ difficult lớn challenge players. In the kết thúc, will be the boss that you need to overcome.

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Deliver new content that is not boring at all. Diverse ring system, constantly changing for you to have sầu new feelings when starting a war. Suitable for gamers who love sầu violence, fighting martial arts. It will be the most satisfying gameplay, extremely dramatic violence. Creative skills, equipping weapons will make you stronger. Shadow Fight 3 Mod modified version in with hack thực đơn capable of freezing enemies when he jumps lớn attachồng you, you just need to lớn hit hyên when he jumps lớn freeze. That way, you will not have sầu difficulty fighting svào enemies.