It has been five sầu years since the fans last saw anti-magic academy: The 35th Test Platoon & now they are getting desperate for Anti-Magic Academy Season 2. The fans really liked this fantasy anime and thought it would certainly make its return. However, it never happened, and they are still waiting for the arrival of the second season. So, will the fans ever see its following installment? Here are all the lathử nghiệm details.

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Anti-Magic Academy is a Japanese fantasy anime series. The anime adapts its plot from the light novel series of the same name by Toki Yanagimi. The LN series has also been adapted for the manga. The anime series made its debut on October 7, năm ngoái. It ran for twelve sầu episodes & ended on December 23, năm ngoái, of the same year. Ever since then, its fans are waiting for its return.



Anti-Magic Season 2: Renewed?

Silver Link Studquả táo produced the debut installment of the anime series. However, they haven’t spoken about the second season. They are pretty tight-lipped regarding the fate of the series. Silver Link neither renewed nor canceled the show officially for its future installments. Therefore the fans are still hoping that Anti-Magic Season 2 will return sooner or later. However, the official confirmation from the creators is yet to arrive. Over these years, a lot of rumors made their rounds, but none of them turned out lớn be true.

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Will The Anime Ever Return?

The anime show adapts its plot from the light novel series of the same name. The LN series already ended baông chồng in năm 2016 with its thirteenth volume. And that Anti-Magic Academy Season 2 has a lot of source material to adapt. The makers can even make more than one season. But the makers usually made anime series only with the purpose of promoting its source material. And that purpose was already ended four years bachồng.

Therefore this fact gradually decreases the chances of the return of the anime. Plus, the anime is not that popular và received an average response for its debut season. The Silver Link Studio is also busy with other anime projects. So overall, it is very unlikely that the fans will see the second season of the anime in the near future.

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