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Thomas Brodie-Sangster played Jojen Reed on game of Thrones, & while he hasn’t yet watched all the way through the series, he’s HEARD plenty.

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ThomasBrodie-Sangster played Jojen Reed onGame of Thrones, the enigmatic boy who helped Bran Stark tap into his powers as the Three-Eyed Raven. Lượt thích a lot of other characters, he died before he reached the finish line of the show, killed by wights outside the Three-Eyed Raven’s cave, far north of the Wall.

“It would have been fun to come back for one more season, but it was good and my death was cool,”Brodie-Sangster told NME. “I get stabbed repeatedly và that looks a little bit comical, but then my sister comes over and tries khổng lồ put me out of my misery and slits my throat và then a girl comes out the middle of nowhere & throws a Molotov cocktail at me và I explode.” Not a bad way lớn go, all things considered.

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That was a long while ago now. HasBrodie-Sangster kept up with the show since Jojen’s untimely death? “I’m still halfway through season four,” he said. “I don’t have the right channel & just lost track of it a bit… I was thinking the other day I should probably watch it again, because it was really good.” Well, his death is one twist he’ll see coming, at least.

It’s interesting to get the perspective of someone who was involved with the show but who only heard about what happens in the later seasons from the general chatter. AndBrodie-Sangsterdefinitelyheard what people were saying about the show, even if he didn’t get the specifics. “I did really enjoy it,” he said. “Lots of people really like it, except no-one seems to like the last episode or the last season. I haven’t met anyone that likes it so far.”

Ihavemet people who enjoyed the final season, but khổng lồ be fair, it was at nhỏ of Thrones, the world’s premiereGame of Thronesconvention, và they were in full trang điểm so clearly they were pretty committed. Back at the hotel, even the guy who randomly started talking to me in the elevator hated it.

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At the moment, you can catchBrodie-Sangster ascharismatic narcissist Benny Watts inThe Queen’s Gambit, about aspiring chess grandmasterBeth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy). It’s available on Netflix now!

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