Tough nghĩa là gì

of a person, able to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with difficult situations & not be easily defeated, frightened or upset:
There have sầu been calls for tougher controls/restrictions on what online retailers are allowed lớn sell.

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I think it"s time the police got tougher on/with (= treated more severely) people who drink and drive.

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"I don"t have sầu any money left." "Well, (that"s just) tough - you shouldn"t have spent it all on cigarettes."
At the same time more attention needs to be directed lớn the policing of sandalwood theft và tougher sanctions against illegal trading activities.
But after that, khổng lồ get to lớn the goal, the hundredth square, without slipping, is the toughest proposition.
Other leading tariff reformers were more tough-minded when it came to lớn the question of what they could offer the agricultural community.
Tough leaders with a vision of the future charged neutral bureaucracies with strategic intervention in order to generate growth through exports.
This is an important and tough-minded book, and one that despite its grlặng subject matter fizzes with ideas.
As shown, this process of gendering mobilizes two main và largely contrastive representations of men as soft (feminine) & hard (tough, macho).
Also, immigrant integration became more politicized, with various politicians now openly calling for a tougher approach khổng lồ immigrant integration.
However, the meticulous detail with which this is achieved makes this quite short book very tough going for all but the most dedicated.